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Naturtex Lavender cotton summer duvet

Naturtex Lavender cotton summer duvet

Summer duvet with cotton cover and cotton filling from Naturtex.


    The beneficial effect of dried lavender are well known since Roman times. These products are enriched with micro-capsules, containing natural essential oil, so they will ensure relaxing and comfortable sleep for you. Thanks to their hollow polyester fibre filling these duvets and pillows are very breathable, and they will embrace you with warmth. They are suitable for all-season use - in the winter they keep you warm, while in the summer, they'll keep you cool.


    Cover: 100% cotton


    Filling: 100% cotton  (140x200 cm - 600 g)


    This duvet is washable at 30 oC.



    Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants (Gossypium). Cotton is harvested with hands or machines, bolls are dried, and the fibres are collected from it. Separating the fibres from the seed is called deseeding. 

    Cotton is one of the most frequently used, most traditional, and still one of the most popular textile materials, thanks to its great physiological properties. The longer and thinner the fibres are, the more valuable the cotton is.

    It has good moisture absorbent abilites (8,5%). It swells when gets wet, and the fibres get shortes - that's why cotton products "shrink" during washing. It is quite durable, which is expressed by the so called tear strength: a hypothetical length, which would make the fibre rip under its own weight. It depends on the sort of cotton, it varies between 27-54 km (for example, this is 40-60 km in case of nylon fibres).
    Filling, made of cotton fibre have excellent ventilation and moisture absorbing properties, this maked them ideal for summer duvets, since they ensure calming sleep even on hot summer nights.

    Thanks to their flexibility and shape-retaining abilities, our carded cotton pillows provide proper support for the head and spine, thus preventing morning pains in the neck and shoulders. When producing duvets - in order to make them light and soft -, it is necessary to add some polyester fibres. This does not damage the quaility, on the contrary, it makes it better.

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