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SleepStudio leg elevator pillow

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SleepStudio leg elevator pillow
  • SleepStudio leg elevator pillow
  • SleepStudio leg elevator pillow
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Memory foam leg elevator pillow from SleepStudio.

  • Ergonomically designed leg elevator pillow, which supports swollen, sore legs, and helps them to regenerate. It hinders the developement of variscose veins and stimulates blood circulation in the legs. It is also a great choice for sportsmen, if they want to give their legs a nice rest after training.


    It is made of high density 60 kg/m3 memory foam, which is layed upon a 50x30x7 cm 35/50 cold foam core with a special technique, ensuring great support and comfort.


    The elevator pillow comes with a removable cover, that is enriched with bamboo fibres and washable at 40 oC. Bamboo fibres, sewn into the cover have a lot of beneficial effects: thanks to their excellent hydroscopic properties, so they can absorb three times more moisture than their size. Their unique structure ensures great breathability. It also wicks away moisture and protects from funghi and bacteria.




    What to know about memory foam?


    Memory foam is made of viscoelastic polyuretane, which is a temperature-sensitive material. The lower the temperature, the more viscose it gets, while at higher temperature it gets more flexible. It is also pressure-sensitive. This means, that memory foam pillowes and pillow toppers perfectly conform the shape of human body. This results in better spinal alignment and more pressure relief throughout the body. The most important pressure point of the body: the shoulders, the hips, the knees and the head.

    Memory foam pillows provide a lot of benefits. The two most obvious of these: bigger comfort, less pressure on the body and spine. Thus, we get a better quality sleep. You get more rest in less time sleeping on a memory foam pillow, than on a traditional one. Memory foam pillowes can be especially useful if you have allergies, since it is hypoallergenic and protects against dustmites.



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