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Billerbeck Andersen feather-down duvet

Billerbeck Andersen feather-down duvet
  • Billerbeck Andersen feather-down duvet
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Andersen feather-down duvet with silk cover from Billerbeck.



    The filling of Andersen duvet is made of eiderdown. This wild bird lives in the Arctic region, and it is also very rare, so it gives the most valuable, exclusive filling material. Common eider is a protected wild duck.

    Down is collected manually from the nests (after the nestlings left it), so it can contain a lot of contaminations (for example: eggshell or plants). Because of its unique properties, down cannot be cleaned with machines, so these contaminations are removed manually. One nest gives around 20g of down.

    The heat retaining and insulation properties of the eiderdown are unique, and this is made even more special by the 100% hypoallergenic, silk cover. Down duvets retain heat exceptionally well, but they are very in the same time.


    Silk cover is made with jacquard pattern, the pattern is not changable. This duvet is recommended for those, who like exclusive, unique, and high quality products.


    Cover: 100% silk


    Silk is made of the cocoon of silk moths. Silk was highly valuable, even in ancient China, and its widely known, that silk smuggling was punished by death penalty. Silk is higly flexible and does not crumple. It is important to say, tha silk is skin-friendly and pleasant to touch.  Its smoothness and shining texture make it so special. The material can absorb moisture, up to one third of its weight, without giving a wet sensation. The fabric contains a very small number of air bubbles, so it provides a pleasant, cool sensation. It stores warm air, which warms up the body.


    Filling: 100% hand-selected Eider down. (135x200 cm - 400g)


    8*13 cubic stapling


    The duvet is NOT washable.


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