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Billerbeck Bambi wool duvet

Billerbeck Bambi wool duvet
Discount: 20.83

Bambi children's wool duvet from Billerbeck.

  • Billerbeck Bambi wool duvet is the dream of every parent, since it provides the calmest sleep for children. It is a great choice in the spring, in the autumn and in the winter as well, so we can say that it is a transitional duvet. It is filled with a 100% natural wool, so it has good breathability and prevents humidity. It creates a healthy, hygenic sleeping environment, thankls to its self-cleaning ability.

    The picture is for illustration purposes only! The price only includes the duvet!

    Cover: 100% wool

    Filling: 100% natural wool (600 g)

    Size: 90x130

    Sewing method: circular, 3*4 quadrants

    The duvet is NOT washable.

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  • Delivery time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

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