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Billerbeck Bamboo duo duvet

Billerbeck Bamboo duo duvet


Bamboo organic pillow with bamboo fibre filling from Billerbeck.


    The main materials of this duvet are cotton and bamboo fibre, and they both have a very long history. They have natural heat-retaining abilities. The duvet provides a caressing sensation, that embraces the body and soul.

    The product is made of 80% bamboo fibres. Thanks to its hollow structure, bamboo duvets are very breathable, so you won't have to worry about sweating. When we combine the advantages of the bamboo with other material (for example, 20% polyester fibre), we can improve these advantages, thus invreasing the shape-retaining, foaminess and softness of the duvets or pillows.


    Moreover, using bamboo products can be a part of eco-friendly lifestyle as well, since we contribute to sustainable developement by using them. Bamboo grows very fast and densely, and it need less time to regenerate after it was cut out. It also absorbs 35% more carbon-dioxyde, than a regular forest of the same size.


    A material with more than a thousand years of history. 

    Soft sensation, which embraces the body and the soul.

    • Natural anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic effect
    • Ideal against dustmites
    • Protects from funghi
    • Very breathable due to hollow structure


    Filling is made with bamboo fibre, which provides good protection against dustmites, funhi and bacteria.

    It controls body temperature, providing a pleasant sensation in any season.


    Bamboo has several advantages: it is very breathable, diverts sweat and is anti-allergenic.


    Cover: 100% cotton


    Filling: 80% bamboo-fibre + 20% polyester (135x200 cm - 1200 g; 200x220 cm - 1960 g)


    6x3 cube stitch with circular channels


    The duvet is washable at 40 oC.

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