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Billerbeck Coral Uno duvet

Billerbeck Coral Uno duvet
  • Billerbeck Coral Uno duvet

Coral duvet with recycled functional fibre filling from Billerbeck.

  • We made these functional fibre product with eco-friendly, recycled materials: high-purity, pollutant-free ocean plastic.

    Coral products are made of higly breathable and hypo-allergenic materials. It is soft to touch and retains shape.


    Cover material: 100% recycled microfaser polyester


    Filling: 100% recycled polyester balls  (135x200 cm - 900 g; 200x220 cm - 1470 g)


    The duvet is washable at 60 oC.


    All our deeds leave their mark in the world. It depends on our everyday decisions, what kind of planet we create.


    A new generation has grown up, and they are ready to act and take responsibility for the environment. We, as well, decided to save and keep our environment clean for our grandchildren.


    Thanks to the developement of the manufacturer, we are already able to develope our products with a radically decreased environmental impact.


    This is why we choose the high-quality, pure "new again" materials, when it comes to syntethic fillings. Of those plastics, that are currently unavailable in a recycled form, we use bio-degradable, compostable materials.


    During the development of the products, Billerbeck Budapest Ltd. alway operates with advanced solutions. By conciously choosing "new again" and bio-degradable materials, we give a chance to life.


    It is a great honor for us, that you accompany us on this way.


    Facts about ocean plastic pollution:

    • 80% of the trash, floating on the world's oceans is plastic
    • On every square metre, an average 17000 pieces of plastic floats on our oceans
    • At least a million seabirds and a hundred thousand sharks, turtles, dolphines and whales because of eating plastic every year
    • In the dephts of the Pacifics, fish eat up almost 24000 tons of plastic
    • 267 species get hurt because of plastic: 86% of sea turtles, 44% of seabirds and 43% of sea mammals eats plastic, or gets clinged up on plastic
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