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Billerbeck Lima Alpaka duvet

Billerbeck Lima Alpaka duvet


Lima duvet with alpaca fur filling from Billerbeck.


    The filling of Lima alpaca duvet is made of the fur of a South-American camelid: alpaca.

    Alpaca fur is warmer and lighter than sheep fur, and is almost never itchy. Thanks to its excellent moisture absorbing ability, it provides a dry sensation all night long, even when we sweat.

    Its great temperature control creates a good sleeping environment, even for rheumatic people.

    Thanks to its eucalyptus satin cover, its elegant, and has good physiologic attributes.

    Alpaca fur makes a comfortable, light, but still warm duvet.



    Cover: 50% cotton, 50% eucalyptus-satin


    Filling: 100% alpaca fur (135x200 cm - 1400 g; 200x220 cm - 2300 g)


    This duvet is NOT washable.


    Alpaca fur

    AlpakaAlpaca is a species of South-American camelid. Unlike sheep wool, alpaka fur is not greasy, so it's hypoallergenic. Alpaca fur varies in fineness, according to its body parts. The finest fur can be collected from the abdominal parts and the neck. Fur, collected from these parts is called "baby alpaca (so it's not true that, this fur is "torn off of baby animals to satisfy the demand for luxury bedding. The fineness of the fur is measured in micrometres. To see the differences, we can bring some example. The thickness of spider web is around 2,5 micron, silk thread's is 14,5, while alpaca fur's fineness is between 15-25 micron. This means, that alpaca fur has a similarly soft touch as silk, and its use-value equals to cashmere's. 




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