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Bio-Textima sheep wool pillow

Bio-Textima sheep wool pillow

Merino wool pillow from Bio-Textima.

  • Natural sheep wool (600gr/m2) product, made of the hair of sheeps that provide very fine wool, which is soft, flexible and breathable. Comfort, freshness and good sleeping climate is what our products offer. The most important parts of the bedding are the duvet, pad and pillow, that is why they should be made of natural materials. These products are made of a 100% high-quality wool.


    The product, that you can see in the picture has wool on both sides, and this ensures comfort. Our products have all the advantages of wool.



    Cleaning and care


    Wool is a special material, so its cleaning requires special care. In order to preserve the natural lanolin content and the original structure of the wool, it is recommended to use detergents, designed to clean wool.




    You should not only clean, but from time to time aerate it as well. Direct sunlight and hot summer days are not really good for the aeration. You should do it in the winter, or in a foggy, humid weather.


    This product can be covered by Medical Savings Accounts.

  • Can be covered by Hungarian Medical Savings Account (Egészségpénztár)
  • Delivery time is approximately 10-15 days!

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