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SleepStudio Comfort fitted, waterproof, children's mattress protector

SleepStudio Comfort fitted, waterproof, children's mattress protector
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Fitted, waterproof children's mattress protector from SleepStudio.

  • Comfort waterproof mattress protector's material is made with ultasonic quilting. It consists of a remarkably soft, silky smooth upper cloth, a PVC waterproof inner film layer and a polyesther core. It provides a unique experience for the user by combining the advantages of comfort and waterproof mattress protectors. Thus, it satisfies every demand. It is easy to install and non slippery.

    Instead of the traditional corner straps, it uses an elastic all around rubber skirt.  Thanks to this new material, this product protects your mattress from stains almost invisibly.

    Our Sabata products are anti-allergenic and hygenic. They are waterproof, but lets vapours leave the fabric and helps the mattress to breath. It has a long lifespan and provides perfect comfort.

    It is washable at home at 60 oC. Does not require ironing.

    Protects the whole mattress and installable to all kinds of beds and mattresses.


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    1 pc more thanless than 3 pc-11.43 €/pc
    3 pc more thanless than 11 pc3 %11.09 €/pc
    11 pc more thanless than 31 pc6 %10.75 €/pc
    31 pc more thanless than 51 pc12 %10.06 €/pc
    51 pc more than 15 %9.72 €/pc
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