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Feelings Mite-protect set

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Feelings Mite-protect set
  • Feelings Mite-protect set
Discount: 36.02

Mite-protect set with functional fibre filling from Feelings.

  • The set contains a 135x200cm duvet (700g), which is accompanied by a large and a small pillow (1000g + 250g). Mite-protect products have special dust and bedbug repelling ability. This product is especially recommended for people who suffer from dust-mite allergy and would like to prevent the appearance of bedbugs in the bed.


    Cover material: 100% white microfaser polyester 


    Filling: 100% hollow polyester


    Producer: Billerbeck



    36x48 cm - pillow - small (250g)

    70x90 cm - pillow - large (1000g)

    135x200 cm - duvet (700g)


    How to wash?


    • Machine wash at a maximum of 60 oC
    • Bleach only with oxidising agents that do not contain chlorine
    • Drum dry with a gentle programme (at low temperature)
    • Do not iron
    • Caution is needed when washing. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive. Do not rub it too hard. Dry at room temperature.
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