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Naturtex 3-piece crepe bed linen set - Paloma

Naturtex 3-piece crepe bed linen set - Paloma

3-piece crepe bed linen set from Naturtex.

  • We offer a huge variety of bed linen in different materials and colors, so every generation can find what he wants at us. The products are made of mako-satin material.



    40x50 cm - pillow cover - small

    70x90 cm - pillow cover - large

    140x220 cm - duvet cover


    Cover material: 100% cotton-crepe


    Crepe is a fabric made of cotton, which is made with a special pressing technique.


    There are different types of crepe, but cotton-crepe is made of organic cotton, that has a huge advantage: it doesn't need to be ironed, and easy to handle.


    Important: if spin dried at a low speed, it does not require ironing


    Retains shape and color for a long time, thanks to its high quality. Cotton is a skin-friendly and moisture absorbing material, but it is also highly breathable and combines perfectly with crepe.


    There is a huge difference between different types of crepe. This technique is frequently used with low quality materials, and this results in rough bed linen, similar to sandpaper. This is why it is especially important to pay attention to the type of fabric when deciding what to buy.


    Interesting fact: Sodium bases make the cotton expand, and then shrink. If it is not applied to the whole surface, the fabric will only shrink there, where base was applied, thus becoming frilly and crepe-like. There are different types of crepe: with frilly, crispy or blistering texture.

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