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Naturtex Mite Stop pillow - small

Naturtex Mite Stop pillow - small
  • Naturtex Mite Stop pillow - small
Pillow size:

Mite Stop pillow with functional fibre filling from Naturtex.

  • Mite Stop products have anti-dustmite and anti-bedbug properties. Organic extracts (citruses, lavender, eucalyptus) are added to the filling, so it protects from these pests.

    This pillow is especially recommended for people, who are allergic to dustmites, and want to effectively prevent the appearance and spreading of bedbugs in the bed.



    Cover material: 100% polyester with anti-microbe and anti-mite dressing


    Filling: 100% polyester (300g)


    Size: 40x50cm


    How to wash:

    • Wash in washing machine or by hand at a maximum of 40 oC. Handle with care, rinse and spin with caution!
    • Bleaching: only with oxydising agents, that do not contain chloride
    • Drum-dry only with gentle programmes (at low temperature)
    • The material is not ironable.
    • Caution is needed for washing. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive.
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  • Delivery time is approximately 1-3 weeks.

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