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Naturtex Collection feather-down pillow - small

Naturtex Collection feather-down pillow - small
Pillow size:

Feather-down pillow from Naturtex.

  • These pillows have been ensuring comfortable sleep for decades. Thanks to its unique composition, the feather provides support, while the down ensures softness. These pillows are made with a popular feather-down blend ratio, so they represent reliable quality at a good price.

    Naturtex® uses a special thermal water technology during the washing and sterilization of the feather and down. The technology uses alternative energy, so it processes the material in an eco-friendly, economical and cost effective way. As a part of this technology, a special water cleaning system ensures that only clear water returns to the environment.


    Cover material: plain, 100% cotton angin satin, piped


    Filling: 30% white goose down, 70% goose feather (700g)


    Size: 40x50cm




    • Do not wash
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not drum dry
    • Do not iron
    • Caution is needed when cleaning. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive. Do not rub to hard. Dry carefully, at a low temperature!
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  • Delivery time is approximately 1-3 weeks.

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