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Naturtex Collection Bamboo winter duvet

Naturtex Collection Bamboo winter duvet

Bamboo cover winter duvet with functional fibre filling from Naturtex Collection.

  • The hollow, light and very flexible bamboo stems can be used at almost any area of life. Our cover, made of this material is silky smooth and provides a cool sensation. The filling of the pillow is made with these fibres as well. Because of its good moisture absorbing ability, bamboo ensures a dry sleeping environment.


    Washable in washing machine, easy to handle, retains shape. The bamboo pillow has anti-allergenic effect.


    It is made with bamboo fibres, which protects from dustmites, funghi, and bacteria. It controls body temperature, thus in the summer it absorbs heat and moisture, while giving a pleasant, warm sensation in the winter.


    Cover material: 50% bamboo + 50% hollow polyester fibre


    Filling: 100% bamboo (140x200 cm - 1200 g)

    How to wash:

    • Wash in washing machine or by hand at a maximum of 40 oC. Handle with care, rinse and spin with caution!
    • Bleaching: only with oxydising agents, that do not contain chloride
    • Drum-dry only with gentle programmes (at low temperature)
    • The material is not ironable.
    • Caution is needed for washing. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive.
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  • Delivery time is approximately 1-3 weeks.

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