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Naturtex Medisan® duo winter duvet

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Naturtex Medisan® duo winter duvet
  • Naturtex Medisan® duo winter duvet
  • Naturtex Medisan® duo winter duvet
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Medisan® winter duvet with functional fibre filling from Naturtex. Washable at high temperature.

  • Having been one of our most popular products for a long time, Medisan® products, produced under german license are washable at 95oC, thus perfectly suitable for people,who desire a high level of hygene. It is made of high quality materials. They retain shape and size even with intensive washing. We especially recommend it to those, who suffer from allergies. Excellent choice for families with children and elder people.



    Cover: white, 60% cotton, 40% polyesther



    Filling: 100% polyester (140x200 cm - 600g + 600g)





    How to wash:

    • Wash in washing machine or by hand at a maximum of 40 oC. Handle with care, rinse and spin with caution!
    • Bleaching: only with oxydising agents, that do not contain chloride
    • Drum-dry only with gentle programmes (at low temperature)
    • Do not iron.
    • Caution is needed when washing. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive. Do not rub it too hard. Dry at room temperature.
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    24-48 hours Express Delivery!    
  • Delivery time is approximately 1-3 weeks.

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