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Naturtex Memory topper

Naturtex Memory topper
  • Naturtex Memory topper
  • Naturtex Memory topper

Naturtex Memory topper is a 3,8 cm high, 5-zone topper with 50 kg/mdensity.

  • This memory topper supports the body different zones of the body with different firmness. Revives and makes your mattress more comfortable, prolonging its lifespan.

    The sides are covered with 3D breathable material with AirPlus-system, developed by Naturex. It has excellent breathability, making your sleep refreshing and relaxing.

    The removable, washable cover is made with aloe vera. The extract of the leaves contains several vitamins and minerals, that are useful for the skin.

    Memory foam - viscoelastic polyurethane foam - was developed in the sixties by NASA. Originally, it was designed to provide body support and weight distribution in extreme circumstances on spaceships. Memory foam got widespread in the nineties, at this time, it was already used in healthcare and at home as well. The density of the memory foam is much higher than the density of standard sponges, so memory foam products recover their shape adter every use.

    Memory foam density of the topper: 40kg/m3

    Cover: 100% polyesther made with Aloe Vera, the core is made of a 100% viscoelastic polyurethane foam

    Washing: the cover is washable only at 40 oC

    If you need toppers for our 180x200 mattresses, you are advised to zip together 2 pieces of 90x200 cm topper.


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  • You can check delivery time (for information purposes only) and warranty (warranty card) of your chosen mattress in the following table:

    Width Length Delivery time
    90 200 1-3 weeks
    140 200 1-3 weeks
    160 200 1-3 weeks
    180 200 1-3 weeks
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