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San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Matresses

San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Matresses
  • San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Matresses
  • San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Matresses
  • San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Matresses

San Lorenzo ErgoGel 2.0 Mattress

  • Ergo Gel is covered in Purotex® fabric with active probiotics that can naturally ight allergies and asthma, inhibit the growth of moulds and bacteria, clean the dust mite allergens, neutralize odours in the fabric and absorb humidity re-hydrating the bed’s microclimate. Because of the protection it provides against moulds and various micro-organisms, the non-allergenic, insulating ibre of the illing guarantees healthy rest and wellbeing throughout the night. The internal core is composed of a Waterfoam base and a top layer in Memory Visco-Elastic, which moulds perfectly to each individual part of the body, enhanced in turn by a central layer in Memory Gel. This innovative material, with its speciic characteristic of low thermal conductivity (0.04 W/m-K), takes about three hours to achieve a perceptible temperature increase, and then stabilises at a constant temperature, a few degrees below body temperature, thereby promoting circulation of the blood and oxygenation of the tissues, and providing a pleasant feeling of coolness, which is especially beneicial during very hot weather. The different composition of the two surfaces of the mattress provides varying comfort levels and the possibility of choosing different options for different seasons.



    Purotex is a treatment designed to reduce allergies and asthma in a completely natural way. Using active probiotics to inhibit the growth of harmful moulds and bacteria and eliminating allergens from dust mites, Purotex keeps your bed perfectly clean and healthy. This dual-patented technology is highly intelligent and 100% natural, designed to provide a truly refreshing night’s sleep. The probiotic microfauna is woven into the fabric in the form of microencapsulated spores (like lower seeds). These friendly micro-organisms remain inactive until they are released by the friction between the sleeping body and the mattress. They then become active, ensuring a healthy, trouble-free night’s sleep.

  • Brand
    San Lorenzo
    Height (cm)
    Weight limit (kg)

    A kiválasztott matrac méretének megfelelően a garanciális idő (garanciajegy szerint) és a szállítási idő (mely tájékoztató jellegű) az alábbi táblázat szerint alakul:


    Standard méretek piros színnel jelölve!


    Szélesség Hosszúság Garancia idő Szállítási idő
    80 200 10 év 2-3 hét
    90 200 10 év 1-2 hét
    100 200 10 év 2-3 hét
    120 200 10 év 2-3 hét
    140 200 10 év 2-3 hét
    160 200 10 év 1-2 hét
    180 200 10 év 2-3 hét
    200 200 10 év 2-3 hét
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