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Technogel Travel U pillow STOCK CLEARANCE

24-48 hours Express Delivery!
Technogel Travel U pillow STOCK CLEARANCE
Discount: 48.33


Specially design travel pillow from Technogel.


Last piece! The price is in effect in case of buying one piece!

  • In the core of the Technogel ® memory pillow lies a uniquely soft, but still solid material, which joins together the 3D shape-shifting ability of liquids with the memory quality of the solid materials. This creates a perfect unity. Moreover, Technogel ® behaves like a second skin. It embraces and supports the whole body and creates a sensation, that is not comparable to any other known material, and adapts to the shape of the body. In contrast to traditional pillows, where the head simply submerges into the material, Technogel ® pillows support the head, and reacts to pressure in a unique way, changing its shape in every direction. Technogel ® adapts individually to every user. It distributes the pressure evenly throughout the whole surface, thus significantly reducing the pressure on critical points, developing better blood circulation.


    Technogel ®, this completely harmless and stabile polyuretane material (produced without oil derivatives and plasticiers) was first developed for healthcare purposes, but today it is widely used, thanks to its high comfort level.

    The height of the specially designed travel pillow is 10 cm.



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    Technogel ®
    24-48 hours Express Delivery!    
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